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You put a lot of care and effort into maintaining your child’s good health, but do you know just how connected oral health is to overall health? Teeth are in your skull, and any bacteria or infections in your mouth can have serious affects on your entire body. It is especially important for children to have good oral health, so that they can enjoy a healthy lifestyle well into adulthood. Unfortunately, many children have early childhood tooth decay, and it can lead to real problems. That’s why at Children’s Dental Center, our South San Jose pedodontist puts so much effort and care into restoring and maintaining your child’s oral health.

Kids Dental Care South San Jose
Kids Dental Care South San Jose

So what exactly causes child tooth decay? More than you might think! Germs and bacteria in the mouth build up plaque when teeth are not cleaned regularly and carefully. This plaque leads to decay. Yet, brushing your child’s teeth everyday may not fully protect them from tooth decay. When a child is constantly sucking on a bottle filled with sugary drinks like milk or juice, and the liquid pools in the mouth for long periods of time. This usually causes acid attacks on the teeth, and they occur over and over again. Children who sleep with bottles are especially at risk for this kind of decay.

Child tooth decay looks like a chalky white crescent-shaped area along the gum line at the top of teeth when it first appears. We encourage parents to bring there children to our South San Jose pedodontist when you notice this sign. If left unnoticed, the decay will quickly take over the teeth and brown the entire tooth. Decay can lead to infection, and even cause the teeth to break down into stumps.

Our South San Jose pedodontist at Children’s Dental Center knows how serious and painful child tooth decay can be, which is why we try to educate parents and encourage them to bring their children in for regular checkups. Preventive care is the key to avoiding child tooth decay. To make an appointment with us, simply call us at 408-240-0250. Save yourself and your child from the frustration, pain, and expenses of treatment for infections and tooth loss. We can help your child enjoy a healthy smile for a lifetime.

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