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San Jose Pedodontist

San Jose Pedodontist

Cavities in children are caused by preventable and treatable bacterial disease. Preventing tooth decay in children is important in order for their adult teeth to grow in a healthy environment. When you bring your child to our San Jose Pedodontists at Children’s Dental Group you will notice a difference in our office. Our dentists are dedicated professionals who are trained in pediatric care. Any nervousness your child may experience floats away when he or she walks through our doors. We strive to make children comfortable with video games, books, balloons and other forms of entertainment. Once the stress or fear of visiting our office dissipates, we are able to educate them on the importance of taking good care of their teeth.

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San Jose Cavity Prevention

We know that tooth decay is caused by a bacterial infection and this has to be treated through preventive measures. During your child’s first visit to San Jose Pedodontist at Children’s Dental Group we discuss your child’s diet and make recommendations based on what we learn. It is important to keep your child on a regular eating routine and to stay away from sugary foods, carbs, and drinks. Limit your child to 6-8 oz. of juice per day, drink milk with meals, and have water at any other time. Provide healthy snacks and avoid sweet or sticky foods. A balanced diet is the first line of defense against bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Your http://www.knowledgewell.co.uk/ at Children’s Dental Group encourage your children to establish good oral hygiene habits that include eating fruits, vegetables, and protein. The best time for your child to visit Children’s Dental Group is around the time the first teeth start to appear. Our goal is to stop decay before it starts. Call our office for a tour and let us discuss your child’s needs, but don’t wait. The sooner your child is seen by one of our experienced dentists, the better it is to prevent tooth decay.

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