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Local San Jose Pedodontist

Local San Jose Pedodontist

As a parent, there are very few aspects of life which concern you more than the health of your growing son or daughter. Children need extra care to insure they grow up healthy and strong, and their young smiles are no exception. Despite what many of us may think, every set of teeth are vital to the continued oral and overall health of your child, and their primary teeth are no exception. That’s why your http://lmdss.com/ utilizes the number one defense against tooth decay and the cavities they cause with fluoride treatments at every examination, but not all fluoride treatments are right for you. Our team at the Children’s Dental Group can help you find the right treatment for your child to insure that they grow into a healthy and beautiful smile.

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Pediatric Dental Care San Jose

Your child’s primary teeth are truly as vital to the health and growth of their adult smiles as the permanent teeth they will one day grow into. Unbeknownst to many of us, a child’s first teeth actually directly predict the manner of which their adult teeth will erupt. This means that teeth which are unhealthy, malformed, or fall out early due to inadequate care will only leads the way to a damaged and decaying smile later in life. For this reason your http://lmdss.com/ strives to provide the best in oral health care with comprehensive cleanings and dental examinations that work to detect the earliest signs of tooth decay and stop them from causing cavities in your child’s smile. Every pediatric dental check-up is always finished with a fluoride treatment for this exact reason. Fluoride is only mineral known which actually works to stop decay by encouraging enamel and dentin growth to strengthen your son or daughter’s teeth against the acids in their favorite foods which work to spread decay.

Many parents will wish to utilize over the counter fluoride treatments within their own home to further protect their children’s smiles, but this should never be done without the approval of your http://lmdss.com/. There is in fact such a thing as too much fluoride, and over doing it with this mineral can in fact cause more harm than good, especially in young children. Fluoride can be found in your own home already for many of us, due to the fluoridation process of your tap water. For the right amount of fluoride for your child to strengthen teeth and provide a healthy smile for a lifetime, concerned parents and growing children need look no further than the uniquely kid-focused dental care center of the Children’s Dental Group. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff can educate and care for your children to insure a lifetime of beautiful smiles.

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