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San Jose Kid’s Dentist


Here at our phentermine prescription online doctor office, we provide the best pediatric dental care to all children’s in the San Jose area. Our goal here at the Children’s Dental Center is to protect and preserve the natural smiles of all children that walk through our doors. We accomplish this by providing them with a fun and exciting learning environment. We remove the stress and fear of going to the dentist office by providing entertainment, making children feel comfortable is paramount in reaching our goals. By making your child feel comfortable, we are able to get through to them and educate them on why teeth need to brushed and how to properly take care of those pearly whites.

Our staff is comprised to pediatric specialists and general dentists that have focused their work in pediatrics. Rest assured that when your child is in the care of our staff, you have nothing to worry about. A large majority of dental care happens in the home, this is why we put such importance on brushing and taking care of your teeth while home with the proper techniques. Our dentist only see you for less than 1% of the year, during that time, you and your children must be taking care and brushing those teeth to keep them healthy! Call to make an appointment with our phentermine prescription online doctor today!


1153 S. King Road
San Jose, CA 95122