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Pediatric dentist, oral exams for children in San Jose

San Jose pedodontist
San Jose pedodontist

Oral exams for children are similar to ones for adults, but there are certain details that are specific for kids, and that’s what we at Children’s Dental Group specialize in. Our San Jose pedodontist is committed to working closely with you to keep your child’s teeth and gums in an optimal state of well-being. And just as important, our entire staff has created a welcoming atmosphere at our office, so that your child will feel comfortable and at home. It is vital to cement good dental habits early on, and that is best supported by a dentist who understands the unique challenges of caring for a child’s dental health.

The key to oral exams for children is to address the effects of plaque and tartar, and to remove them entirely. This is also true for adults, but children present some unique challenges, especially when it comes to sugar, the fuel for plaque and tartar. Without adhering to a strategy of good nutrition at home and limiting your child’s consumption of sugar, and brushing and flossing daily, our San Jose pedodontist may find multiple cavities in your child’s teeth. Even with visits to our office every six months, it takes teamwork to prevent cavities and gum disease, both of which are caused by plaque and tartar.

The start of the oral exam includes a visual and physical inspection of his or her teeth by our San Jose pedodontist, to check for any loose teeth, loose fillings, or other concerns. X-rays are taken to get a good look inside your child’s teeth. This is where even small cavities can be detected. It is essential to get them filled promptly. As they continue to grow, the chances grow greater for infections, pain, and maybe even the loss of a tooth. Since there is a basic schedule during which baby teeth are expected to fall out and adult teeth grow in, anything that disrupts that schedule can cause problems later on.

The final part of the session is a teeth cleaning. This will allow our San Jose pedodontist to eradicate any and all plaque and tartar left, thereby giving her or him a fresh start on great oral health. If it’s been at least six months since your child has had an oral exam, please call us to schedule one.

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