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Kids dental care in San Jose

San Jose children’s dentist
San Jose children’s dentist

Kids love coming to our dental office. It may sound strange but our young patients are excited to come to our San Jose children’s dentist for their checkups and cleanings. That is because as a pediatric dental practice the Children’s Dental Group takes its relationship to children and their teeth very seriously, so seriously that we try to make sure every kid that comes into our office has fun. Our state-of-the-art dental offices are set up in a kid friendly atmosphere with lots of things to play with and videos to watch while they are waiting. Our doctors and staff are attentive to the young patient’s concerns, friendly, caring and genuinely love helping kids take care of their oral health.

Our San Jose children’s dentist makes sure that each child is taught the proper way to care for their own teeth and these skills are reinforced every time they come into the office. Just as important our doctors engage each kid and enlist their enthusiastic cooperation in caring for their own teeth. Our caring and compassionate staff tries to build up a trusting relationship with each child.

Our practice offers a full array of general and restorative dental services as well as orthodontic and sedation dentistry. Our San Jose children’s dentist specializes in the development of your young child’s mouth and oral cavity and will closely monitor changes as your child grows. Older children and adolescents are also a special concern for us because the permanent teeth have come in by this point and the young patient is at the prime age for adjusting bites and teeth. Adolescents have many social concerns surrounding their teeth and smiles that our pediatric practice focuses on with the same understanding and compassion that we show to our youngest patients. Make an appointment to bring your youngster to our office to start them on a course of good dental health for life.

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