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Pedodontist North San Jose

At Children’s Dental Group, we make it our mission to keep both your child and you happy and free of worry. Our North San Jose pedodontist thinks that the more you know about the various procedures that we do, the more your mind will be at ease should it become necessary for your child. A pulpotomy, which is sometimes likened to a root canal treatment for an adult, is actually a bit different. Sometimes, the pulp chamber in your child’s primary tooth can become inflamed. This typically occurs in their molars. This occurs because a cavity has gotten deep and is now close to or in the pulp of the tooth.

North San Jose Kid's Dentist
North San Jose Kid’s Dentist

The symptom that will be reported is a toothache. When your child is examined by our North San Jose pedodontist, the problem will be diagnosed and a pulpotomy will usually be recommended. You should be aware that this is a common procedure in children and there is nothing to be anxious about. The goal is to first eradicate the tooth decay and then to remove the pulp chamber. The pulp is then sterilized and the opening sealed. A crown is then placed on the top of the tooth.

If your child is experiencing a toothache, it is always a good idea to make an appointment with our North San Jose pedodontist. In the case of a pulp chamber infection, if it is not addressed in a timely fashion, the result can be an abscess. If this happens, the tooth most likely cannot be saved. However, if detected and treated promptly, a pulpotomy has a high rate of success.

It is important to understand that some of your child’s primary teeth are not very large and so what to us might seem like a small cavity can all too quickly find its way to the pulp and cause a problem. Our North San Jose pedodontist will be happy to work with you on a comprehensive strategy to prevent tooth decay in your child. With a combination of a healthy diet, solid at home dental hygiene habits, and a twice yearly visit to our office for an exam, x-rays, and cleaning, your child may very well avoid having a cavity that reaches the pulp. But if that does happen, you can always count on us to take care of your child as if they were our own.

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