Pedodontist Near San Jose

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Pediatric Dentist in San Jose

Pedodontist Near San Jose
Pedodontist Near San Jose

When it comes to going to the dentist children are really special. They require special handling so that they cooperate with the dental team and become enthusiastic about caring for their teeth. Our pedodontist near San Jose places an emphasis on the unique dental concerns of patients whose teeth, gums and facial structures are still developing. The philosophy at the Children’s Dental Group is to treat our young patients with respect in a stress-free atmosphere that makes coming to our state-of-the-art dental office a fun experience that the children will look forward to. Not only is the goal to care for the children’s teeth but also to educate them about their teeth and caring for them properly.

Your child’s initial appointment with our practice is the most important session because our doctor will check the development of the youngster’s teeth and jaw, bite, gums as well as their facial structure. This is a crucial assessment that our doctor makes with our younger patients because the earlier any abnormalities can be diagnosed and treated the better the outcome. The specialized experience of our pedodontist near San Jose has the ability to diagnose subtle problems in oral development of even the very young child. Your child should be brought into our office for an initial examination as soon as their primary teeth start to erupt, usually by their first birthday.

The primary objective of our pedodontist near San Jose is to keep your child’s oral health in top shape so that their teeth and gums are decay free and they develop good oral hygiene habits. In addition to regular checkups and dental cleanings our doctor recommends the use of dental sealants, which are the latest plastic technology that is bonded onto the chewing surfaces of the back teeth where children have a hard time brushing effectively to protect them from decay. Our practice also uses fluoride treatments to strengthen the enamel on the children’s teeth. Don’t wait until your child’s permanent teeth begin to come in to bring them into our office, start them off early on the road to great dental health.

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