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Pediatric Orthodontist San Jose

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Pediatric Orthodontist San Jose

Getting an early start is important for so many things in life and your child’s dental care is no exception. Children’s Dental Group is dedicated to helping your child avoid tooth decay and to have strong gums. Interceptive orthodontics refers to deliberately helping your child to have straighter and better aligned teeth later by actively guiding how his or her teeth grown and develop. The purpose of interceptive orthodontics is to try to avoid the need for treatments such as braces and retainers in the future. This is not always possible, but at the very least, our San Jose pediatric orthodontist can reduce the possibility for needing more direct treatment and hopefully minimize the severity of any potential future concerns.

Children's Braces San Jose
Children’s Braces San Jose

Why might interceptive orthodontics be recommended? As part of your child’s regular dental exams, our San Jose pediatric orthodontist may discover that she or he is having difficulties with their bite or that there is a concern about tooth crowding. Your child could have problems with too much space between his or her teeth, missing teeth, proper jaw growth, or protruding teeth. When any of this occurs, it can lead to more advanced problems later on as it progresses. Interceptive orthodontics makes it possible to make more room in the mouth of a small child, guide the development of the jaw, maintain space for teeth that have not come in yet, and cut down on the time and expense associated with direct orthodontic treatments later on.

It can be very frustrating to find that your child’s teeth are coming in crooked or if she or he has any other problems related to ideal tooth alignment. Although most children will usually be around 7 years old before being examined by an orthodontist for such problems, interceptive orthodontics can start earlier in many cases. You can help, too, by being on the lookout for signs that your child might be able to benefit from seeing our San Jose pediatric orthodontist earlier than usual. Among the things to be aware of are breathing through their mouth, problems chewing, early loss of baby teeth (or baby teeth that stay in for too long), finger or thumb sucking, crowding of the teeth, misplaced teeth, or teeth that are blocked out; also, if their jaw and teeth are out of balance in proportion the rest of their face or their jaw shifts or makes sounds. If you detect any of these signs in your child, you should call us as soon as possible to schedule an appointment for an evaluation.

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