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Children’s Braces in San Jose

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Pediatric orthodontist in San Jose

Children's Braces in San Jose
Children’s Braces in San Jose

Thank you for visiting Children’s Dental Group. Our pediatric dentist knows how important it is for kids to have a great visit so they’ll want to come back for every future dental appointment. We stress to kids the importance of keeping their teeth clean in a friendly and supportive environment, showing them the best ways to brush, floss and keep their teeth healthy. Our pediatric orthodontist also provides children’s braces in San Jose.

Braces for kids are usually done in our offices after an initial appointment to check tooth alignment. As kids grow, their teeth begin to develop and sometimes there are irregularities with teeth as they begin growing in crooked or crowded. This is called a malocclusion. It is important to correct malocclusions as crowded or crooked teeth are harder to clean, meaning there is more of a chance for cavities or tooth decay to develop. Getting in between the crevices of crooked teeth with a toothbrush is much harder, and so is flossing, so food and debris have a tendency to stay inside the teeth rather than be removed. The goal of our children’s braces in San Jose is to correct any malocclusion or misalignment that can lead to tooth decay and to create straighter, healthier teeth.

Practicing regular preventive care is important to keeping teeth stay cavity free for years to come. Besides children’s braces in San Jose, we also teach kids the importance of keeping their teeth healthy and clean with an easy daily oral care regimen. Annual cleanings are especially important as they help to remove food, plaque and bacteria trapped in between teeth and gums that normal brushing and flossing cannot. Regular brushing and flossing is a good part of any oral care regimen, but annual cleanings can clean the areas that patients just cannot get to on their own.

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