Children’s Braces in San Jose

Pediatric Braces in San Jose

Children's Braces in San Jose

Children’s Braces in San Jose

At Children’s Dental Group, we specialize in children’s braces in San Jose. Pediatric braces are a good way to get your child’s malocclusions treated early enough before the teeth start changing and setting. We provide early orthodontic treatment as well, to check the supporting structures of the teeth and to figure out what needs to be done later on by mapping out a plan for orthodontics when the child is old enough to have braces put on.

Orthodontic treatment is the practice of aligning teeth or problems with the bite. At Children’s Dental Group, our specialist is experienced in all types of braces, including for both children and teenagers. We first have patients come in for a full exam, because the teeth and gums should be healthy and in good shape before we recommend the right kind of braces for your child. It is important for your child to receive early interceptive care if necessary before getting their children’s braces in San Jose. Interceptive orthodontics are designed to create room for crowded teeth while helping reduce the need for any teeth to be extracted. Sometimes teeth need to be extracted before the interceptive orthodontics are placed.

Bad bites that are not treated quickly enough can cause more damage and future expensive dental bills, so children should have their first orthodontic exam as early as possible. This allows us to check for dental issues and to correct bite problems before they become more serious. The main goal of orthodontics is to prevent a bad bite. Bad bites can affect the way a person eats, chews and even smiles. If left untreated, a bad bite can result in protruding or crowded teeth. That’s why we provide children’s braces in San Jose, so kids can have their teeth treated before problems get worse.

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