Affordable kids dental San Jose CA

Affordable Kids Dental San Jose CA

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Interceptive orthodontics in San Jose CA

Affordable kids dental San Jose CA
Affordable kids dental San Jose CA

Interceptive orthodontics describes a method of early orthodontic treatment for kids that can start by age 7 or even earlier. Instead of waiting for manageable problems to become more complicated, we at Children’s Dental Group are dedicated to getting a head start on it so that your child will have a better chance for simpler and more effective care, and you will be more likely to avoid difficulties and greater expense later on.

Our affordable kids dental San Jose CA will actively guide your child’s tooth growth and jaw development. Braces and/or a retainer may still be necessary at some point, typically in adolescence. But by making room in your child’s mouth for the adult teeth that will erupt in the future, for example, orthodontic issues will generally result in shorter times wearing braces or other appliances. Our affordable kids dental San Jose CA wants you to know that what you spend today can be a tremendous investment in terms of savings down the road. You can either bring her or him in for an evaluation on your own, or you may do so because of symptoms that have already been noticed. Be aware of breathing through the mouth, finger or thumb sucking, tooth crowding, chewing problems, misplaced teeth, losing baby teeth too quickly or conversely when they don’t fall out on their normal schedule, teeth blocked out, jaw shifting, or sound when your child moves his or her jaw. Any of the above are clear indications that your child can benefit from what interceptive orthodontics has to offer. And because we make it a priority to keep our fees reasonably priced, you can feel assured that coming in for an examination and consultation is something you can do confidently.

Don’t wait to schedule an appointment with our affordable kids dental San Jose CA. Every day that useful treatment is delayed can lead to more costly and time-consuming consequences.

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